Digital Content Disclaimer

Details about Digital Content


Article 1 - Preamble

Wertes Group is a non-profit organization with headquarters in France, Its website, SHOP.WERTES-GROUP.COM is only a serviceWhen we (WERTES GROUP) are the manufacturers, the money collected will go immediately into the association's coffers to be reinvested in the activities of the association.
The conditions below apply to the whole site, and to any buyer. Can also make objects of change at any time.

Article 2 - Copyright

The digital content sold on this site belongs to their respective manufacturers as mentioned on their products.
In case of transfer of copyright, the manufacturer must absolutely issue a contract of assignment of the copyright to the buyer. A maximum transfer period of 30 days must not exceed both parties. During this period, the article, its image, its name, can always appear on the site and no one can prevent it.

Article 3 - Terms of refund

Purchased digital content can not be refunded, it will only be replaced except for two cases: The download link from your panel does not work OR the downloaded content does not correspond to the purchase (will be restored as soon as possible)
Digital products purchased with copyrights are not refunded.

Article 4 - Guarantee

The manufacturers themselves guarantee the products in their descriptions. We will not be responsible for any mistakes.

Article 5 - Licences

The licenses offered by the manufacturers are listed in the product description, Default there are only two types of licenses:

Non-commercial : Non-commercial use of the product, so as not to generate money by any means (including advertising monetization)
Commercial: Free commercial use

Article 6 - Anti-Counterfeiting

We are fighting counterfeit products, which is why we inspect all products on our website.

Digital products purchased under a non-commercial license may not be copied, transferred to any person other than the buyer. Otherwise, we will treat the content as counterfeit and we will enforce local rights

WERTES GROUP delivers a certificate of authenticity for each product, and each product is integrated into our database.